September 28, 2023

Tips for Maintaining Your Body’s Immunity When The Holidays Arrive

Body Immunity

The Christmas holidays and the end of the year are special moments that are right for holding long holidays and reuniting with family and loved ones, therefore you have to take care of your body’s immunity properly.

The pandemic is not over yet, therefore you need to establish a health process wherever you are and maintain your body’s immunity to avoid attacks by covid-19 and other diseases. Let’s look at 5 tips for maintaining endurance ahead of the holidays

Drink Plenty of Mineral Water To Maintain the Body’s Immunity

Adequate consumption of mineral water may sound trivial, but there are still many people who don’t do this. Mineral water helps carry oxygen throughout your body’s immunity cells and removes toxins from the body. so drinking more can help prevent toxins from building up and negatively impacting your immune system. Mineral water is an intake that must be consumed so that every organ of the body can work normally and immunity can function effectively against disease.

You can also consume infused water by adding lemon to mineral water. That way, the body will get natural vitamin C and the immune system will increase.

Make sure your mineral water needs are maintained even during your vacation. The body will not get tired and tired easily even when all activities and celebrations are over.

Make Time for Exercise Every Day

Whatever you are going to do on the year-end holidays, you have to prepare a fit and healthy body with high immunity in advance.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get your immune system working properly. Research from 2019 states that you only need to spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes each day so that your body’s circulation and immune system work smoothly. You can do whatever activity you like, such as jogging, badminton, or home workout.

Each activity will increase the exchange of white blood cells between peripheral tissues that help the body’s immune response to the circulatory system in blood vessels and lymph. White blood cells can search for and fight disease effectively.

Exercise should be done regularly, even during holidays and after holidays. You can adjust the type of exercise to your environmental conditions at any time.

Get Quality Sleep

Before the holidays come, make sure you get enough quality sleep and normal sleep cycles. Quality sleep time will give your body the ability to build up an adequate immune system. Your body’s immunity will be strong, adaptive, and efficient to respond to allergies or various diseases.

Poor quality sleep, even to the point of causing sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and circadian rhythm disturbances, can interfere with your immune function.

By getting enough sleep at night, during the day, and in the evening you can be maximized for activities with loved ones.

Consume Vitamins and Supplements Regularly

Vitamins and supplements are one way to maintain body immunity with external intake. The human body has a variety of cell systems, tissues, and organs, each of which requires a variety of vitamins. The immune system has become one of the most important things to maintain during a pandemic to avoid viruses and diseases.

The types of vitamins that contribute the most to fighting Covid-19 are Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E. Vitamin C is one of the immune system boosters of all vitamins. Vitamin B6 can carry out biochemical reactions in the immune system. Meanwhile, Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant that helps the body fight infection.

Those were tips on maintaining endurance before the holidays. Always maintain the need for vitamins for your immune system regularly, both before, during, and after the holidays.