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The Importance of Homeschooling – Essays

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The importance of homeschooling

Education is a subject that includes all beings, because from it we learn how to relate to the world and everything in it, over time education ah been the engine of evolution and transformation of the human being and society, starting from the previous historical knowledge related to it. And with the decisive guidance of pedagogy, it seeks to conceive a human being, fulfilled and free, in an egalitarian society.

There are many factors that prevent us from a good education, because many times it is not taken into account that taking care of our environment is a basic way of learning to relate to the outside, with society and with the environment. We can affirm that education is present, in all our actions, feelings, and attitudes and from there is when we acquire significant knowledge that will identify us throughout our lives, in this way education makes you a being capable of thinking and acting for yourself, making the individual prepare to live in society.

Today’s education has nothing like what it did a few years ago; where teachers transmitted knowledge through the use of books and at home they were reinforced through the respect taught by parents. Homeschooling is a process by which it is assumed in an integral way in the context of the home. Children are formed from birth and little by little integrating knowledge influenced by parents and close relatives, the behavior, values and virtues of a child forge from a very young age and last throughout his life, since the family plays a very important role in the development of them.

Homeschooling is of utmost importance since it is a process aimed at the child learning to behave, to think and feel so that he can adapt, as best as possible and the society in which he corresponds to live.

The issue of the family is very important because at present our society experiences significant changes related to the formation of its children, the changes can be positive and negative, we find that the transformation has led to the absence of values that are important in the formation of the home.

Education is the central protagonist to form all areas and educational levels and know personal education, emphasizing values that are necessary to improve both individually and in the community and in all the spaces where we develop. The main drivers of children’s education are the parents who must assume responsibly their role as trainer and educator respectively.

We conclude that education in values is necessary to be better people individually and to be better citizens in the community, in the social and educational spaces where we develop. And that in all the processes of life are added trainers in our growth and development until we reach a point to be responsible adults with the family, society, and all the environment that surrounds us.

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