September 28, 2023

Productive Home, where channels have profitable businesses – Grupo Boletín

Remote work strategies, distance education and a homeschooling better entertainment experience focus business towards a Productive Home.

With the constant changes in work, education and entertainment environments, companies and end users have begun to focus their investments on implementing a productive home in their spaces with the right technology to carry out their productivity with the best experience.

Furniture, connectivity, broadband, ergonomics, security, video surveillance, computing, energy, peripherals, accessories and even intelligent lighting are some of the solutions that consumers require today to turn their homes not only into intelligent, but productive.

According to Sandra Mendoza, Marketing Manager of Intcomex Mexico, consumers have already made an investment in technological solutions to work, study and entertain themselves from their homes. However, with uncertainty about controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for households to renew their infrastructure for a better productivity experience.

“Innovation does not stop and the new products of video collaboration, electronic security, computing, audio and security, among others, integrate new functionalities focused on achieving the same experience of traditional productivity environments. Channels must take advantage of the growth trend of the distribution market to strengthen their portfolio and meet the needs of their end customers,” said Sandra Mendoza.

He added that recent market studies indicate an accelerated growth of the channel business with significant turnover levels, led by the computing market.

Select points out that at the end of 2021 and early 2022, a great recovery of the investments of the channel ecosystem in the business segment and in tenders is expected, in addition to the hybrid productivity format encouraging investments in: videoconferencing rooms, cloud solutions, home office equipment, data centers and security. Recommendations for the channel

It is important to point out that the shortage of chips will continue to limit the growth of the businesses of the channel ecosystem, where waiting times will be longer and it is key for distributors to prepare their portfolio and take better advantage of business opportunities.

Moisés Díaz, Channel Manager at Acer Mexico, emphasizes that, with the scenario of shortage of chips, the opportunity of the channels for business and profitability will be to strengthen their portfolio with availability.

“Forming a portfolio of products and solutions with a good stock will be key to take advantage of the opportunities of a year 2022 with large margins,” he said.

Within the framework of a 2022 with great opportunities for the channel ecosystem, the global consultancy Canalys points out that the relevant sectors where distributors will have better profitability are in cybersecurity, computing, servers, networking and cloud services.

Steve Brazier, CEO of Canalys, pointed out that the first area of business growth will be in the collaboration segment, in offices and homes, where technology and solutions for dynamic meeting rooms will be needed.

“With the staggered return of workers to offices, great growth is estimated in network infrastructure and WiFi connectivity in all sectors, from corporate, health, education, government, residential, among others,” said the expert.

Definitely, the channel’s business is being revived. Manufacturers and wholesalers are attending to trends and adjusting their commercial strategies and the Productive Home is where the channels will have more profitable businesses.