September 28, 2023

How to Utilize Social Media for Online Business

In this all-digital era, various online or online businesses via social media are thriving. Because you can market your products for free without having to pay for advertisements like advertisements in print media, electronics to billboards on the roadside. You are also free to create content creations that match your brand identity, you don’t need to follow certain company regulations.

With all that convenience, it doesn’t mean that you just upload it carelessly. There are certain tips to make your social media posts interesting and “sell” your business.

Treat Social Media Like It

Just as you socialize, it’s important to have a touch of your social presence. Create your brand characteristics there through logos, colors, backsounds, or creating icons. Don’t be too serious in every social media post. fans on social media prefer to linger on content that is lighthearted and entertaining.

Pay Attention To Content

Continuing the issue of content on social media, many people visit social media when they are bored or waiting for something. So, entertainment content is more of a target. After that, they are happy to read short information in infographics, memes, quotes or short videos. So, take advantage of this form of viewing regularly in every upload.

Be In A Relationship, Don’t Be Like A Robot

When a follower asks a question about your business, respond kindly. Don’t ignore it. As much as possible, don’t reply later than a day because it makes you not take social media seriously as part of your business image. Periodically pay attention to comments on uploads and messages in the inbox, schedule certain hours to respond to them.

Share Positive Stories

In addition to uploading sales items, informative content, positive testimonials from customers must also be shared. This is one step to share the positive achievements of your business. It is also useful to strengthen the trust of natural customers and attract potential customers. This content is also good for establishing closeness with your loyal customers.

Share A Bit Of Your Formula

If you run a cake business, try sharing the steps for making cheesecake. If you are a shoe washing business, you can also upload video sessions when cleaning sneakers. Various uploads with the theme of sharing a bit of your business “kitchen” formula can build transparency in doing business. These uploads can also inspire other prospective business people, thus training a healthy spirit of competition.

Schedule Content Time

You may have been doing this recipe all along. For those who haven’t, make an agenda for every upload on social media and stick to that schedule. For example in the morning, some start with inspirational quotes or simple tips. Then, upload sales in the form of videos and infographics. Then, upload about actual info.

If you have a regular schedule of uploads, your followers will eventually pick up on the pattern and wait for your posts. And, don’t forget to occasionally give surprises in your uploads, such as videos with idols or other influencers to various prizes. Remember, always collaborating with other influencers plays an important role in maintaining existence in cyberspace.