September 28, 2023

How to Take Care of a Minimalist Home

Minimalist Home

There is a saying, the condition of a person’s house symbolizes his character. You can imagine, can’t you? You will get a bad impression if the house looks dirty and the furniture is not arranged. Plus, the house you live in is small—certainly getting cramped. Therefore you must be diligent in caring for your home.

Not only that, a house that is neglected for cleanliness can make people reluctant to visit. In fact, they do not feel comfortable living in the house. So, what’s the solution? Check out how to care for a minimalist home below.

Cleaning the House Every Day

The simplest way to display a clean dwelling is to clean it every day. If you live with your family, make a regular schedule for cleaning the house. For example, every day someone has to sweep the floor and wipe the windows.

Then, on holidays, schedule to tidy up the yard and household. Cut grass that is starting to grow, mop floors, and wash clothes.

Don’t forget, clean the bathroom using a brush and cleaning fluid. Also check the drain holes; make sure it’s not clogged. For example, hair, paper, and tissue.

Choosing the Best Furniture for a Minimalist Home

Minimalist house has a limited space size. To make it look neat and spacious, avoid placing large pieces of furniture. Simply place the furniture you need. If there are too many, it will be inconvenient when they want to be cleaned.

You can use multifunctional furniture if you really need a place to store things. However, avoid furniture with round or thick ornaments. The reason is, the furniture will impress a narrower room.

Keep Items in Place

Have you ever lost your vehicle keys, even though you put them in the house? One of the triggers for this problem is the arrangement of the room that is not quite right. From now on, use a multifunctional cabinet to organize your things.

If you have a multifunctional cabinet, items at home are not scattered on the floor. It is also kept clean because it is tightly closed in the cabinet.

Make Sure The Air Circulation In The House Remains Smooth

One of the characteristics of a healthy home is having air ventilation. Ventilation function, namely as a place for air exchange from inside to outside or vice versa. If ventilation is blocked, the room becomes stuffy. The dust is stuck in the room, causing the house to look dirtier.

That’s why, you have to ensure normal ventilation conditions. Open the vents every morning so sunlight can enter. In addition, it also makes the house feel cool and fresh.

Not only ventilation, windows also determine the cleanliness of the house. At night, bad bacteria gather in the room. To get rid of it, you must open the window every morning. That way, the room is free from bacterial contamination.

Get Rid of Unused Objects

Have you ever counted, how many people have clean occupancy? Little, right? That’s because many people want a healthy and comfortable home, but are reluctant to clean it.

Getting rid of unused objects is the simplest way to clean the house. A book author—Marie Kondo—says that the occupants of the house only need to save things that are useful to them.

That means you have to get rid of all the old things that don’t function properly. Then, what if you love the object? Try using a special chest of drawers or a warehouse to store them.


Those are five ways to take care of a minimalist home so that you feel at home in it. Home is a place to shelter, rest, and gather with family. So, keep the house clean and healthy.