September 28, 2023


Nowadays parents delegate the education homeschooling of their children exclusively to school and have the habit of forgetting their responsibility in this regard, even children spend more time at school than at home. Parents need to understand that only subjects are taught at school, but the job of educating is their responsibility.

In this article we will talk about homeschooling and the importance of parents actively participating in the educational process of their children, avoiding delegating all education to school. Importance of involving parents in their child’s education

To improve the education of children, it is important that they have committed parents and that they actively participate in their entire educational process. On many occasions educational activities are focused on an exclusive task of the entire school community, however, it is also a responsibility of parents.

From the beginning of the learning process to its completion, children need the active participation of parents to have a truly satisfactory academic performance; Therefore, parents should look for the best alternative to get properly involved in the education of their children.

According to some studies and research, it has been proven that the participation of parents in the education of their children, significantly improves their self-esteem, academic performance, their behavior and their responsibility with schoolwork. For children’s education to be complete, it needs the involvement of parents and the school.

It is necessary that all parents take this responsibility seriously and occupy spaces in the education of their children to answer questions, guide them and initiate meaningful actions to dedicate themselves adequately not only to the care of children, but also to their education.

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Parents must understand that school only serves as an accompaniment to an educational process that must begin at home and that delegating its functions is a mistake that they must avoid making. In order for parents to participate actively in the education of their children, they must take into account the following aspects:They need to take responsibility as parents from the outset.They should avoid delegating the task of educating their children to the school.They have to understand that education always starts at home and teachers are only a support in their task within the educational process.If your children do not behave properly, they should not blame it on the school, because they are primarily responsible for teaching children what appropriate behaviors are.The school and the family must work together as a team so that the children can have a quality education.It is necessary that there is excellent communication between parents and teachers.Parents should teach children to respect the work of teachers and to value what teachers teach in the classroom. Negative criticism from parents towards teachers will only demotivate children and create an unpositive idea of school.

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