September 28, 2023

Home education: 10 advantages of this alternative method

Formal educatihomeschooling on has had to adapt to the pandemic and transform into a new education at home. This can be positive or negative depending on how it is implemented and the conditions of the family. Still, this type of education is applied in various parts of the world and has beneficial results. It is a training that develops fundamental skills and aptitudes from childhood to continue using in adulthood. Based on this and its importance, today we tell you its advantages and basic principles.

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Due to the complicated conditions that formal online education implies for certain children, some parents have chosen to homeschool. This means teaching sons and daughters away from the school or academic context.

This education carries out projects that are considered not regulated by the place where they are made, the home. Even so, these activities seek to train boys and girls cognitively. Although it is an extracurricular method, it has a specific pedagogical objective and a clear intention that everyone who does it learns. Characteristics of non-formal education

Homeschooling does not seek a particular certification or recognized qualification. It is a learning process that is designed for people of any age and social stratum with diverse interests and needs. In addition, it covers multiple disciplines and areas of study, for example, sport, languages, mathematics, etc.

However, it has various teaching methods. It can be transmitted orally or simply through observation. For example, the teaching of a plastic art or a healthy cooking workshop. In this sense, it does not require previous knowledge, anyone is able to receive this type of education at any time in their lives. Advantages and benefits of homeschooling

Alternative education, also known as homeschooling, fosters a person’s autonomy, curiosity and sense of responsibility. You also learn at your own pace without feeling the pressure to compete with others.

This movement also defends the education of children at home as a good option compared to the traditional schooling model because it brings several benefits. Some of them are:It is an optional education. The non-obligatory nature is its main attraction because it encourages activities that are done voluntarily.It is a home education tailored to the person, so the boy and girl are the protagonists.Due to its characteristics, it enhances personal and professional skills. In its development, it favors the knowledge acquired previously.Its schedules are flexible and the activities it proposes can be carried out in different places. From a library to a training center, through a social club or an online academy.It is a free education and adapted according to the person. Complementary adult training is a unique and singular professional and academic path.The child is independent and responsible for their learning.They highlight talents and other intelligences such as artistic or creative.Self-taught knowledge is encouraged and developed.Motivation is a great stimulus for learning.It provides greater freedom from experience and exploration.

With this you can see that the teaching-learning process is not exclusive to school institutions or traditional academic environments. Homeschooling is permanent and can be useful in the current context.