September 28, 2023

Have an Online Store? Let’s Learn to Promote Products Correctly

Huge opportunities of course present equally great competition, especially for online sellers. Therefore, promoting products with the right strategy and understanding is still needed. So, what are the knowledge and skills that must be learned in terms of online promote products ? In terms of product promotion on the internet, we can’t just put photos and product descriptions on web pages, blogs, or marketplaces. It’s a good idea to also study internet user statistics, rising trends, and so on. We should also study in advance about the menu and layout as well as the blog dashboard that will be used to promote products.

Promote Products Through Google or Facebook?

Google and Facebook (now Meta) are the two giants of the internet today. With the number of daily active users touching the billions per day, the user data of these two companies has become a kind of holy grail for global technology activists. Both certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages, and those advantages or disadvantages can affect the way we promote products online.

Google Analytics is a service that provides statistical data on website visitors provided by Google for site or blog owners. The statistics provided can be used to analyze website. Performance based on variables such as landing page visitors, search engines, pay-per-click networks, and others.

Even though the displayed variables are complete, Google Analytics has limitations that are quite troublesome. The figures listed in the statistics are estimates and do not represent the data as a whole. The way Google Analytics works which utilizes cookies also causes a lot of data that is not recorded properly because many people block cookies or JavaScript in their surfing sessions.

Explore Blog Articles Menus, Layouts, and Dashboards

In order to optimally promote products through the blog platform, sellers must understand how blog service sites operate. This means that sellers must understand what menus can be accessed on the blog. How to maximize the appearance of the blog, and how products can be promoted through articles. In addition, it should also be noted that menus, templates, and dashboards vary depending on the blog service provider site.

Learn Skills in Product Promotion

Apart from having adequate knowledge in analyzing user data and maximizing the potential of blog. sellers are also required to have qualified skills or hard skills to promote products. Sellers can learn the skills needed in the “Promoting Products for Online Sellersprogram in your career for pre-employment card recipients!

Those are some information for those of you who want to start a business, especially in the online field