September 28, 2023

Hair Color that is Suitable for Men

Hair Color

Who says hair trends are only followed by women? Men also like to follow the current trend. Not only choosing hairstyles, but men also like to try changing their hair color, you know. Usually, men choose hair colors according to trends or based on character. For eccentric men, the colors chosen are usually bolder, such as electric blue and pink. But not a few also want to play it safe alias choose natural hair dye colors. For example, dark chocolate to a mix of dark and light brown.

So, for those of you who want to change your color and are looking for inspiration, check out the five hair dye color inspirations that are suitable for the following men.

Hazelnut Brown Hair Color

Hazelnut brown has a brown color that matches the skin of men. So if you want to change your appearance without cutting your hair with a contemporary model, try dyeing your hair with a hazelnut brown color option. If you’re afraid the results are too bright, you can ask the hairstylist to add a dark brown color.

Electric Blue

If you like experimenting with appearance, choosing the electric blue color is interesting. You don’t need to dye all your hair, you can do it in certain areas. You can wear it in the bangs area or just use it as a highlight.

  Dark Brown

Dark brown is a safe color choice for those of you who don’t like to look eccentric. If you can get the right hair coloring products, dark brown color can look natural. If the hair is not exposed to light, the appearance of the color will not be easy to see.

Honey Brown Highlights

Want to try a hair color like a k-pop star but don’t want to look weird? Honey brown highlight colors like Jin BTS’s can be an inspiration. Basically, your hair will be colored dark brown. Then in the final stage added a lighter honey-brown highlight.

Ash Grey

Ash gray color is quite popular lately. Not only women, but many men also try this hair color trend. If you want to find ash gray  color inspiration, this Adipati Dolken style can be your guide. Ask the hairstylist to focus on coloring in the front. The back of the hair can be left black so that the appearance is more attractive.