September 28, 2023

▷ Homeschooling, What is it? Pros and cons

For some years now, a slightly different learning modality has been heard and carried out in many countries called homeschooling. This form of learning has become very important in recent years and will surely take on greater importance in the future with the new normal that must be lived after going through a global crisis with as much force as the one that has hit the whole world.

Taking this into account, it is important to know the most important details of home schooling, know homeschooling what it is, what its pros and cons are and even know what experts think about homeschooling.

What is homeschooling and how does it work? This is actually a very interesting question and one that many experts have tried to explain throughout history.

The meaning of homeschooling is, simply and in a few words: the education that is carried out from home taking into account the strengths that the student has and offering him a learning environment much more suitable for his development.

It is a concept that can be difficult to understand for those who are used to meeting a schedule, but the truth is that homeschooling is a very innovative concept and that it can help students have a life and personal growth much more adapted to their real needs.

Of course, it is important not to make the mistake that many make: try to force the student to learn what their parents want or think can be good for him, for homeschooling to work in the right way it must be the student who pursues what he likes most and in what he has better chances of being successful. A bit of history about homeschooling

The history of homeschooling is very long and has a lot of fabric to cut and is that for centuries families have made the decision to educate their children at home, either by hiring tutors and professionals or simply imparting the knowledge they believe necessary for their children to develop the values, principles and concepts necessary to be part of society.

Experts say that homeschooling begins to be taken as an important practice among families around the world in the early twentieth century with the arrival of the technological revolution.

Then we will tell you a little about the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling homeschooling and is that many times it is important to look at the pros and cons that a practice can offer to make a better decision.

School abuse is completely eliminated

We want to start with a fairly important pro when looking at school at home and its advantages and disadvantages, this consists of school abuse and how educating a child or young person at home can make this disappear completely.

We know widely the negative effects that school abuse can have on the mind of a child or a young person, these effects can so modify the way of thinking of a child that it can force them to do things that we would never think they would do.More time to enjoy being children

Homeschooling for children offers the little ones of the house the possibility of having much more time to enjoy their youth, to be children, to play and to have the necessary support of their family in their development and growth.You learn what is necessary and pursue what you are best

How many times have you felt frustrated in your youth about studying something you weren’t good at? How many times did you want to pursue that quality you were good at, but the responsibilities of school wouldn’t allow it? Homeschooling allows children and young people to learn what they really need to pursue that skill or quality in which they can be the best.Lower costs and more flexible schedules

Clearly homeschooling can be much cheaper than traditional education, in addition, the schedules are much more flexible and will depend only on the free time you can have you, your family and those people you decide will be part of your child’s learning.

Time must be devoted

If you want to homeschool your child you must dedicate the necessary time for their personal and educational growth. Many people do not have the time to do homeschooling in the right way and end up making serious mistakes in the education of their children.

It is for that reason that if you want to carry out homeschooling you must be very clear that you will have to dedicate enough time to your child. Time is one of the most important homeschooling requirements of all.Little interaction with society

It is important to know how to do home school and look for ways for your child to have interactions with society and have the necessary tools to make friends and to learn to live in society.

One of the great disadvantages of homeschooling is the little interaction that children will have with young people of the same age, which is why action must be taken and look for other ways to attack this problem.

The truth is that there is a wide variety of opinions about homeschooling, some are positive, others are negative, but in general many experts agree that this should be the future of education and that home education allows each child and young person to learn what really interests and likes.

We have already given you the necessary concepts to know how to start in homeschooling and so that together with your family you can make a decision with more information and decide if home school is what your child needs.